Emotion Coaching Bags

Emotion Coaching Bags

Teaching kids how to regulate their emotions & support their feelings.

Teaching kids how to regulate their emotions is a skill they will use for a lifetime.  Our Emotion Coaching Bags offer helpful information, tips, and tools to support you in teaching your child about feelings.  Parents can check out and take home these bags and use the materials inside to help with navigating their child’s emotions.

We have 10 different topics for families to choose from to assist families in teaching their littles about big emotions:

  • Mad Bag
  • Sad Bag
  • Worry Bag
  • Scared Bag
  • Biting Bag
  • Sleep Time Bag
  • Missing Someone Bag
  • Sharing Bag
  • “I am Resilient” Bag
  • “All About Me” Bag (for kids ages 8 and above)

See our frequently asked questions about our emotional coaching bags HERE.

Contents of the "I Am Resilient" Emotion Coaching Bag

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